Scott Storick is a financial representative that specializes in retirement plans in the Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton Florida area. With over twenty years of professional and financial experience, his objective is to provide a service that helps his clients make their retirement dreams and goals a reality. While there is much to be said about his professional and academic achievements, W.H. Auden said it best: “there is always another story; there is always more than meets the eye.” If you want to know Scott, you need to know his personality, background, hobbies, and personal interests.

Scott Storick, the Family Man

First and foremost, Scott Storick is a proud father and loving husband. He firmly believes in the philosophy that the love of a family is the greatest blessing life can offer. This simple phrase hangs in the back of Scott’s head each and every day. It reminds him how lucky he is and drives him for success so that they are safe, secure, and content. For Scott, some of his best moments during a busy week is the personal time he spends with his family. On an early Saturday morning, you can find Scott on the sidelines of a T-Ball field watching his seven year old son hit home runs or on the basketball court showing his son his three point jumper. As for evenings, Scott loves to make quality time with the love of his life. it is pretty common to find him enjoying a glass of wine or a lovely dinner with his beautiful wife before they head out to see some of his favorite rock bands.


If you know Scott, you know he has a deep appreciation for classic 80s rock. For Scott, rock music defines a generation. It highlights the style, attitude, and fashion of a rebellious era looking to speak out and express themselves in every which way possible. But most importantly, it combines melodic riffs and various elements of soul and guitars to get your blood pumping. Yes, there are various neurological studies of how music affects our deep emotional centers. But beyond the testing and scientific studies, music in itself is life. It not only changes our mood but also our perspective and mentality of how we perceive the world. Because of his deep rooted passion, Scott tries to see at least two live shows a month with his beautiful wife and his friends. Some of Scott’s favorite bands include Van Halen, Toby Keith, the Eagles, Poison, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and the Jersey boy Bon Jovi.

If you would like to learn more about Scott’s musical taste, please visit his SoundCloud here: Scott Storick Music


The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.

Scott Storick loves sports at any level of the game– specifically basketball and football. The camaraderie and teamwork of both a fan and a player is incomparable. Though some games may be brutal, the precise movement and collaboration amongst the players is sublime to watch both on-and-off the court. Because of his home roots, Scott is a passionate University of North Carolina, Charlotte 49ers fan, Carolina Panthers, and Blue Duke Devils supporter. Outside of Carolina, Scott Storick currently resides in Boca Raton, FL. With his ties to South Florida, Scott also defines himself as a true supporter for the University Miami Hurricanes’ football and basketball team and the Miami Heat.

Food & Wine

Outside of the office, Scott Storick is a person who enjoys the finer things in life. Although he’s not much of a picky eater, living in Boca Raton, Scott has access to the amazing foodie culture that’s prevalent throughout the South Florida area. Influenced by Cuban and Hispanic cuisines coming into the country, the region is chock full of amazing cuisines that leave his palate endlessly satisfied. 

Scott is also quite the enthusiast of wine, as well. He loves the different tastes and undertones of numerous varieties and finds that he can note something he enjoys about every glass he tries. While he particularly enjoys red wines, he’s also a fan of white wines as well. 

No matter where he goes to eat, the most important thing to Scott is finding a place that provides a great atmosphere and service for his family and friends. While he does live in Boca Raton, Scott loves to venture out and try new places, especially in the Palm Beach Island, Fort Lauderdale, Star Island and South Beach area.