Everyone’s Favorite Candy Bars Get a Healthy Makeover

Who doesn’t love a candy bar? Whether you’re in need of a quick snack, you need to satiate your sweet tooth, or you’re simply just in the mood for one, the combination of sweet with whatever other ingredients are mixed in is one that’s sure to satisfy. However, it’s no secret that they aren’t exactly the most nutritious of foods.

In the 21st Century, health has become a concern for almost every human being. Now, everyone seems to want to live a healthy lifestyle, refrain from overeating and maintain a healthy diet. Health problems like high blood sugar and diabetes can be an outcome of not eating healthy.

Candy bars in general, being a form of candy, are not considered healthy. The elements of a candy bar are fattening and they contain high levels of sugar and calories. Customers are now looking to avoid sweet treats and opting for more nutritious, low-fattening options. Candy bars have changed their ingredient combinations to assure buyers that they too can be healthy.

The top ten low-calorie candy bars available on the market are:


  • Mounds – Mounds are a type of candy bar which are coconut-filled, meaning they have less calories than the other candy bars. These fill the stomach and aren’t too heavy.
  • Chunkie – A candy bar that has only 173 calories per bar which is good for an individual’s diet.  
  • Crispy Cat Bars – A mixture of nut and chocolate gives the candy bar a crispy taste. Although it’s a little more expensive than ordinary candy bars, it’s absolutely worth it for the taste of it.
  • Figamajigs – These candy bars are sweet and have a texture that is similar to chocolate. However, despite their delicious and sweet taste, the total amount of calories is still less.
  • York Peppermint Patties – These candy bars are small in size, thus preventing customers from overeating. They have only 140 calories per bar.
  • M & M Minis – These candy bars are made up of M&M’s. The objective of these candy bars is to satisfy the taste buds of customers while keeping the calorie intake low.
  • Lindt Chocolate Bars – These are one of the few candy bars that have a noteworthy amount of antioxidants in them because of the large amounts of cocoa. These candy bars are available at drugstores and other grocery stores.
  • 100 Grand – Although these candy bars provide less nutrition packed within the calories that you’re consuming, they’re low enough in calories to be on the borderline of being considered healthy.
  • Dove Bars With Nuts – These candy bars contain almonds which are great for heart health. They also have a decreased amount of fat and calories.
  • Hershey’s Special Dark – While healthier than eating milk chocolate, these candy bars are extremely high in sugar and calories as compared to the other nine candy bars mentioned.