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Cleveland, the City of Champions

While forever a Heatnation fan, I have to give credit where credit is due. For fifty-two years, the city of Cleveland has undergone a culmination of changes, both socially and economically. Whether you are from the area or not, we have all heard the countless stories and heartbreaks for C-Town and have even mustard various […]

The Road to the NBA Finals

With game six underway tonight, it is hard not to think that this may be the last game of the season. Even with the Cavs winning game five and Kyrie Irving flashing his extraordinary offensive talents throughout the second half of the game, it seems like everyone is looking for the Warriors to repeat the […]

2016 NBA Playoffs, the Chance for Ultimate Glory

The road to the NBA Finals is not an easy feat. In fact, the money, time, and talent invested in attaining this illustrious title has become an obsession for various teams such as the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. But with such glory comes incredible fairy tales. While we are […]

Miami’s 8-Lateral Miracle Kickoff Return Touchdown To Beat Duke

Miami Heat Starting Things On the Right Foot

While the preseason games were not the most impressive opportunities to see the new Heat take the season by storm, last night’s opening night against the Charlotte Hornets answered a lot of questions of what we are to expect from the new Miami Heat this season. Throughout the preseason, the Heat were questioned about whether […]

Letter to the NBA: What it is to be a Miami Heat Fan

As a Heat fan, I have heard all of the criticism. I’m a bandwagon, title winning, no-loyalty son of a gun. Call it what you see it but this is Heat-nation. In the NBA, there are teams and there are juggernauts. Miami Heat is without any question the latter. It is a team that has […]

Miami Heat: the Wins, the Loses, and the Future

After making four straight NBA Final appearances and winning two championship titles within the past five years, Heat-nation felt its first stint of humility during the 2014-2015 NBA season. Let’s face it; last year was not our brightest moment. After the departure of LeBron James, the Heat tried to put together a competitive team to […]