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Elwood’s Gastro Pub

In the midst of South Florida’s multicultural scene, we tend to forget the rarities that bigger cities like New York City or Boston have at their disposal. While we may lack in quantity, we do make up for it in quality and that is where Elwoods Gastro Pub comes along. Located in Downtown, Miami, the […]

Cake Thai Kitchen Review

In the greater South Florida area, you’ll find a plethora of ethnic cuisine. While the mix of the Americans and Caribbean dishes are to die for, it seems that we have been deprived of the more infamous eastern exotic plates. Yes, it is no secret that we lack the chains, chefs, and authenticity of Easter-Asian […]

Fado Irish Pub Miami in Mary Brickell Village

Whether you are grinning or regretting your decisions from last night’s social outings, the day of green’s festivities will of course continue on to the weekend. So, in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day where all of us are Irish for the day, I will be highlighting one of the most popular Irish pubs in […]

Miami Food Trucks

For years food trucks have become one of the hottest trends in every city in America. In this episode, they follow the Miami Food Trucks to Sawgrass Ford to take a closer look at both the cuisine and the movement of the food trucks in the greater Miami-Dade area.

The Daily in Midtown, Miami

No matter what city you go to in the United States, brunch will always be seen as a viable option for friends, families, and celebrations. The history behind brunch is actually quite interesting. Birthed during the late 1930s, brunch became a Sunday option for many north-easterners. By the 1960s, brunch’s popularity rose, giving new meals […]

La Carreta, the other side of Cuban Cuisine

Throughout history, for every great organization, there will always be an oppositional force waiting to push their rivals into the abyss. For the New York Yankees, they had the Boston Red Sox. For Microsoft Inc., they had Apple. And within the title contending world of Cuban cuisine, for Versailles Cuban Restaurant, we have La Carreta. […]

Area 31 Restaurant Review

If you are ever walking around the Brickell area, Area 31 is an excellent option, especially if you are looking for a private getaway dining experience for you and a special someone. Located on the 16th floor of the Epic Hotel, the restaurant provides every diner with spectacular views of downtown Miami, Brickell Key, and […]

Versailles Cuban Restaurant

Succulent and savory dishes are synonymous with Versailles Cuban Restaurant. Located around Calle Ocho, this renowned eatery has become the umbrella of Cuban cuisine. Whether or not it is considered the world’s most famous Cuban restaurant is still undecided. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t necessarily matter. All you need to know […]

Rest in Peace Glenn Frey

Though it has not been a month, the untimely death of Glenn Frey has led many fans to reflect upon the considerable legacy he has left on the music industry. On January 18th, 2016, the Eagles legend, Glenn Frey, passed away after sever complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia. While his death […]

305’s Best Restaurants: Pride & Joy BBQ

Succulent and savory bites are almost synonymous with Wynwood’s barbecue spot, Pride & Joy. For those going to the Latin-Caribbean magic city, you never really hear people requesting barbecue ribs and nachos for an exotic dining experience. But in Miami, you can never expect things to be what they are. That being said, I urge […]

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