The drink for all celebrations is a bottle of bubbly. Even though Champagne is the mainstream drink that most people think of and opt for, there are other varieties of sparkling wines that are available. Two other very similar sparkling wines close to champagne are Cava and Prosecco.


The name ‘Champagne’ is taken from the region in which this particular white wine is produced. The method of making champagne is known as the ‘Methode Champenoi se’ process. In this process, non-vintage varieties of white wine have to be stored in a bottle for 15 months before they can start turning into champagne. On the other hand, vintage champagne needs a period of three years in the cellars.

Champagne is made in France. The grapes that are used for making Champagne are Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. A good champagne bottle will always have fine bubbles. Champagne is more costly than other white wines you find on the market with the average cost of a bottle landing anywhere between $30 – $40.


Cava is another sparkling wine that is made by the ‘Methode Tradicional’. This wine is a blend of a number of wines mixed together. Like champagne, cava also has the same method of fermentation which includes storing the wine in bottles. The process for making cava takes nine months.

Cava is made in Spain. The grapes that are used for making it are Macabeu, Parallada and Xarello. This can also be made from other grapes like Chardonnay or Pinot grapes. A cava bottle, like champagne, will have fine bubbles. Though the features and the properties of cava are extremely similar to that of champagne, the cost is much less. The price of one bottle of cava is approximately $15.


The method for making Prosecco is known as the ‘Italian Charmat’ method. In the secondary fermentation of this wine, the fermentation takes place in steel enamel-covered tanks, which is different from the bottle fermentation method of champagne and cava.

Prosecco is manufactured in Italy. The type of grape required for the production of this sparkling wine is Glera. The bubbles in a bottle of Prosecco are light and frothy. Due to the fermentation process of Prosecco, it is different from cava and champagne. The price of Prosecco is far lower than that of cava and champagne. The average price of Prosecco is around $12.