With summer time in the greater South Florida area, there are a few things that we, as Floridians, have grown to expect. Although temperatures reaching upwards of 90+ degrees will certainly make some flee the city limits, braving the months of June through August in South Florida does have their rewards. Even with the two-month tourist making their destination into our backyards, there are still plenty of places and activities to go and enjoy with the family. For me, I’m a simply man who enjoys the culture, environment, and atmosphere of a place. Because of that, finding a right bar or gastropub for the NBA playoffs will always be a priority. While hosting is always an option, I like to be with the fans cheering the next reigning NBA champions on even if the Heat out of the playoffs. With that being said, I highly recommend Duffy’s Sports Grill in North Miami Beach.

Hidden within the Eastern Shores Shopping Plaza, Duffy’s Sports Grill has made its name as one of the best venue bars for all sports events. While I may not be a frequent customer, I can see why many people would flock with their parties to this establishment. Having ventured here over the weekend, I was surprised by how spacious and accommodating Duffy’s was to my party. Granted, we got there early, but having our seats automatically ready was a nice touch. Be warned, for any big sporting events, you may have to get there an hour or two ahead of time so you can beat the crowd. I did see an unfortunate couple leave because of the over crowdedness for Game 3 on Saturday.

Now, what makes this establishment so great is the significant seating and open space for their diners to enjoy. Regardless of how big your party, the waiting staff is very hospitable in accommodating the needs of their patrons. As for the interior aesthetics of the gastropub, they do have a lot of athletic décor and huge televisions plastered all across the restaurant. But what makes this sports bar stand out above all others is their incredible water view towards Sunny Isles and Collins Street. While I still think Shuckers Bar & Grill has a better water view, they do give Shuckers a run for their money. The one thing that does separate the two is the outdoor Tiki Bar and pool for diners to enjoy, converse, and watch your favorite sports game.

Now, if you are not from South Florida, you can be surprise by how taxing and costly parking can be for just a simple night out. Trying to find parking in Mary Brickell or Midtown can take up to 15 to 30 minutes with the price ranging from $5 to $20 dollars. Unlike those places, Duffy’s location provides free parking for all of their diners.

As for the food, Duffy’s accommodates the traditional American pub food with burgers, fries, and ribs all on the menu. While they do provide other unique dishes, they tend to stay within the realm of the gastropub selections. For me, these options were absolutely satisfying. Nothing beats a juicy and savory burger and fries when watching the NBA playoffs.

So if you find yourself on 163rd and Biscayne and are looking for a place to watch the game, definitely check out Duffy’s Sports Grill. I promise they will not disappoint.