Those coming to visit Boca Raton most likely venture down to enjoy the weather and not necessarily for the foodie hot spots, but they should be! In the ever changing southeast city, a variety of new restaurants are making appearances and forever changing the dining scene. Here just a few of the local favorites!

M.E.A.T. Eatery & Taproom

As its name implies, this establishment gives diners more than enough protein options. Not only will foodies be in heaven here surrounded by the various hand smoked meats but their arrangement of craft beers are sure to satisfy all palates. Of course, in order to make a foodies “must-try” list, certain foods on the menu should be award winning. Not to worry, M.E.A.T.’s “Truffled Bistro Fries Basket” just scratches the surface of awards for the restaurant. Even The Daily Mail lists the “Nancy Pants” burger on the list of “101 Best Burgers in America.” With a handful of other local and national award winning dishes, this accommodating restaurant is sure to win a stamp of approval from any foodie passing through!

Farmhouse Kitchen

Finding clean eating when trying new restaurants can become challenging. However, Gary Rack’s latest endeavor allows the perfect combination of healthy and delicious foods. Rack had a vision which allowed consumers to be satisfied without the guilt usually felt alongside a full stomach. Farmhouse Kitchen embraces farm-to-table style preparing and also establishing an eco-friendly environment for guests to enjoy. This affordable establishment does an excellent job of keeping up with food trends, including the ever popular fad of eating healthy.


Don’t worry, that is not a typo! This one-of-a-kind dining experience is sure to bring foodies back for more. Formally titled “Six Tables, a Restaurant,” sits on NE 2nd street and what you read in the name is what you get. There are only 6 tables and the five-course menu is set, though chef and owner Jonathan rotates the dishes quarterly. All 6 tables eat at the same time, and eat the same meal. This uncommon method to dining has brought in tourists and foodies alike and inevitably satisfies their curiosities!

Abe & Louie’s

One of the most famous steakhouses in all of New England chose southern Florida as a home for its first (and thus far only) sister location. As the Boca site celebrates 12 years a great deal of rightfully earned pride has created a comfortable setting for diners. As if having a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor wasn’t enough, Business Insider listed Abe & Louie’s in their ranking of “Best Steakhouses in America.” With chain steakhouses making appearances in most major cities, the people behind the scenes have made sure to remain level-headed and continue striving towards customer satisfaction as their main priority. Serving up the best cuts of both meat and fish, foodies can expect Abe & Louie’s to stick around for many more visits in years to come!

Whether planning a visit to Boca or a permanent resident of the warm climate, visiting these various establishments should be a high priority for any foodie. The quality of food at great price ranges allows anyone to feast at some of southeast Florida’s finest eateries and leave a happy customer!