South Florida is the perfect hot bed for a myriad of cuisines for those looking to expand their palate. The magic city has more than its fair share of restaurants to please anyone craving. Being that this city is such a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, one could pretty much find any food that they are in the mood for.

In my last blog post, I was able to discuss my joy and dining satisfaction with Tom Sawyer Restaurant & Pastry. Little did I know, they have a sister restaurant formerly known as Ke’e Grill American Cuisine.

At Ke’e Grill, the overall theme of the restaurant sports a very tasteful and tropical theme that pays homage to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. While I usually veer away from restaurants with such tacky themes, I made an exception because of my pleasant experience at Tom Sawyer Restaurant. Walking into this establishment, I felt truly at ease with the charming and stylistic design of tropical beach umbrellas and giant swordfish barriers highlighted all throughout the restaurant. While some places try to overdo the tropic style, Ke’e provides a tranquil elegance that adheres to both the standards and needs for my family and party.

Before I talk about the food, I have to acknowledge and recognize the professionalism of the Ke’e Grill waiting staff. When my guest and I arrived, the waiting staff and restaurant were able to provide that much needed intimate ambience that allowed my party to enjoy our meals privately. To help with this was of course the wonderfully charismatic and talented waiter. Not only where they incredibly friendly, but also very attentive to all of our needs.

As for the experience itself, well, there is no better word to use but ‘perfection.’ If you are a seafood lover, I highly recommend you try this restaurant. The cuisine itself features a number of Pacific Rim-inspired entrees, including soy and sesame-glazed swordfish. Crab cakes and macadamia-crusted snapper are also available along with other seafood dishes that appeared frequently in appetizers. As for the entrée itself, I cannot help but highlight the succulent and savory lamb chops they provided as a special. While there were a variety of traditional meat-entrees on the menu such as chicken, steak, and the ever-so popular veal chops, the lamb chops were by far my favorite. Each entrée is accompanied of course with a side dish, which usually includes various greens and vegetables. If you are like me, I like to switch that for something more palatable like Jasmine rice or mash potatoes.

If price is your factor, the menu, especially the main courses like the steaks or specialties, can be a bit pricey. But, that should not stop you from trying their other delicious options. If anything, make this place a romantic night for that special someone.