While the preseason games were not the most impressive opportunities to see the new Heat take the season by storm, last night’s opening night against the Charlotte Hornets answered a lot of questions of what we are to expect from the new Miami Heat this season. Throughout the preseason, the Heat were questioned about whether they had the chemistry and man power to revitalize the dynasty that we saw just a few years ago. However, with an overall athletic display of tactics, skill, and communication, the Heat is clearly a team to be trifled with.

After being forced to stay on the sidelined last February due to health issue regarding blood clot and pneumonia, Chris Bosh was able to make a statement by scoring 21 points for his return against the Charlotte Hornets. After the game, Bosh said modestly, “It’s been awhile, huh.” With his typically animated self and incredible performance, I guess it is safe to say that his health scare last season is nothing but a thing in the past.

As great as it was to see Chris Bosh emerge in his old ways, what was great to see was the overall ball movement and fluidity the Heat had throughout the game. With the veterans holding much of the points for the game such as Dwayne Wade’s 20 points, Gerald Green with 19, and Luol deng with 13, the biggest test was for the newest member, Justise Winslow, to get his first real taste of the NBA. The former 6’7 Blue Duke Devil saw 26 minutes against the Hornets with five points, seven boards, and two assist, and one 3-pointer.

For head coach and leader Erik Spoelstra, he stated that the game was a great start to the season. He attested much to it to the energy he saw both on and off the court. While the fans will still have to wait for Friday to see Amare Stoudemire who was out due to a knee injury, it looks like we can say the Heat are in the right mentality to focus on their overall goals for the season.

The biggest test is yet to come. We should see more of how fluid the team is on Friday, October 30th when the Heat plays Cleveland. For the fans, this will be probably one of the highest profile games many people have been anticipating since the beginning of the summer. For me, all I can say is let’s go Heatnation!