At the end of the day, the heart of Miami beats at its own drum. With a myriad of Latin American and Caribbean cuisine to choose from, locals and visitors alike oftentimes find it difficult to decide where they should dine out. For some, the decision is based on preference. But for a majority of the Miamians, the ruling comes down to proximity. While exploring the Brickell area, Miami’s financial district, I happened to stumble upon Novecento, a delightful Argentinian steakhouse with a contemporary formal approach.

Walking in, I was automatically immersed by the classical concept. Their old mantra, ‘mi casa es su casa’ (my home is your home) is absolutely taken to another level. Unlike other restaurants in the greater Miami-Dade area, Novecento provides its guest with that exclusive yet inviting upscale vibe. Its traditional rustic elegance of dark furnished wood complements the modern stylistic take they leverage throughout every nook and crevice of the restaurant. To enhance the overall dining experience, Novecento provides their guest with a modern and chic outdoor seating, where the Argentinian culture and lifestyle is beating every second you are at your table.

Now before I talk about the food, I have to praise the professionalism and knowledge of the waiting staff. During my experience, they could not have been any better. Their warm, welcoming, and speedy service was not just appreciated, but a breathe of fresh air, especially within the Miami area. In addition, the knowledge of the menu was incredibly beneficial. Whether it is a wine list or best entrees or desserts, their servers were able to accommodate all of our needs and request during, quite frankly, a very busy night.

As for the food, succulent and savory are two words that are synonymous with this Argentinian treasure. Every dish I had was cooked to perfection. To start off, I had their Spinach Empanadas and Calamares Fritos (accommodated with sweet chili and tartar sauce). With just one bite, I was absolutely hooked. From there, came our entrees, the Salmon a La Parrilla and Pollo a la Parrilla. While I may have only had a nibble of the grilled salmon, the mango-cilantro mojo sauce complemented with jasmine rice opened to my eyes to other options. As much as I can talk about that bite for day, I have to discuss how incredible the Pollo a la Parrilla was. Yes, I have had chicken like any person in the world. But this half boneless grilled chicken was by far one of the best things I will ever had! Every bite was cooked and marinated to perfection. But no meal can be perfected without the icing on the cake. For this I am referring to the Todo Chocolate, a warm chocolate lava cake accommodated with Belgium chocolate ganache to bring you to a heavenly delight!

Now with a great meal comes a great price. Please note, Novecento is definitely on the pricier option, like most places in Brickell. But if you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend you check this place out. Every bite is worth every penny. In addition, there is a parking option for $5 to $7 dollars two blocks away from the restaurant with Mary Brickell just around the corner!