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Foodie Hotspots in and Around Boca Raton

Those coming to visit Boca Raton most likely venture down to enjoy the weather and not necessarily for the foodie hot spots, but they should be! In the ever changing southeast city, a variety of new restaurants are making appearances and forever changing the dining scene. Here just a few of the local favorites! M.E.A.T. […]

Ke’e Grill Restaurant Review

South Florida is the perfect hot bed for a myriad of cuisines for those looking to expand their palate. The magic city has more than its fair share of restaurants to please anyone craving. Being that this city is such a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, one could pretty much find any food that […]

Tom Sawyer Restaurant and Pastry Shop

One of the most wonderful things about Boca Raton, Florida are the small hole in the wall restaurants and boutiques that seems to be constantly overshadowed by our neighbors of the south. As much as the Boca community can complain about the lack of tourism and popularity that Miami gets, that is actually the one […]

Boca Raton Resort & Club Road Trippin Dining

The Best of Boca Raton

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Why You Should Visit Boca Raton

  Have you ever felt the need to escape the interior walls of your cubicle to a place where the beach and the sun is just mere steps away from your desk? Have you ever daydreamed of escaping the cold frigid winters and only to find yourself living in paradise? If so, take a look […]