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5 of the Best Wineries in South Florida

Florida is a gorgeous place for anyone to visit. From its sandy beaches to exciting theme parks, it is a perfect travel destination. For wine enthusiasts, South Florida is home to some of the finest wineries in the country. The following are five of the best wineries you can find in South Florida. Schnebly Redland’s […]

Ke’e Grill Restaurant Review

South Florida is the perfect hot bed for a myriad of cuisines for those looking to expand their palate. The magic city has more than its fair share of restaurants to please anyone craving. Being that this city is such a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, one could pretty much find any food that […]

Tom Sawyer Restaurant and Pastry Shop

One of the most wonderful things about Boca Raton, Florida are the small hole in the wall restaurants and boutiques that seems to be constantly overshadowed by our neighbors of the south. As much as the Boca community can complain about the lack of tourism and popularity that Miami gets, that is actually the one […]

Tortuga Music Festival 2016

South Florida is notoriously known for becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. It does not matter if you are talking about new housing development, rampant job growth, or overall national rankings, Miami is the place to be. So it seems perfectly reasonable that the same logic would apply to the […]

Novecento, Argentinian Cuisine

At the end of the day, the heart of Miami beats at its own drum. With a myriad of Latin American and Caribbean cuisine to choose from, locals and visitors alike oftentimes find it difficult to decide where they should dine out. For some, the decision is based on preference. But for a majority of […]

5 Must-Try Cuban Sandwiches in Miami

Cuban sandwiches are unmistakably a tradition when visiting South Florida. In this video, we have provided various local eateries of the best cuban sandwiches you should try on your stay.

Elwood’s Gastro Pub

In the midst of South Florida’s multicultural scene, we tend to forget the rarities that bigger cities like New York City or Boston have at their disposal. While we may lack in quantity, we do make up for it in quality and that is where Elwoods Gastro Pub comes along. Located in Downtown, Miami, the […]

The Best of Boca Raton

Learn more about Boca Raton, Florida here.

Why You Should Visit Boca Raton

  Have you ever felt the need to escape the interior walls of your cubicle to a place where the beach and the sun is just mere steps away from your desk? Have you ever daydreamed of escaping the cold frigid winters and only to find yourself living in paradise? If so, take a look […]