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The Road to the NBA Finals

With game six underway tonight, it is hard not to think that this may be the last game of the season. Even with the Cavs winning game five and Kyrie Irving flashing his extraordinary offensive talents throughout the second half of the game, it seems like everyone is looking for the Warriors to repeat the […]

Duffy’s Sports Grill

With summer time in the greater South Florida area, there are a few things that we, as Floridians, have grown to expect. Although temperatures reaching upwards of 90+ degrees will certainly make some flee the city limits, braving the months of June through August in South Florida does have their rewards. Even with the two-month […]

Letter to the NBA: What it is to be a Miami Heat Fan

As a Heat fan, I have heard all of the criticism. I’m a bandwagon, title winning, no-loyalty son of a gun. Call it what you see it but this is Heat-nation. In the NBA, there are teams and there are juggernauts. Miami Heat is without any question the latter. It is a team that has […]