With game six underway tonight, it is hard not to think that this may be the last game of the season. Even with the Cavs winning game five and Kyrie Irving flashing his extraordinary offensive talents throughout the second half of the game, it seems like everyone is looking for the Warriors to repeat the NBA championship moment.

But before I give my thoughts on tonight’s game, I have to speak loudly about the NBA finals. Starting the season, it seemed like the Golden State Warriors were already pre-destined to repeat their dominating victory after last year finals. With an incredible display during their opening night game against the New Orleans Pelicans, it seemed like the Warriors were nothing but unstoppable. This dazzling display of basketball, of course, continued where their tactical offensive skills and awe-inspiring three-point shots broke the still-gloried 1994 Chicago Bulls with an NBA record with 54-straight regular season home game winning streak, which spanned from January 31st, 2015 to March 29th, 2016.  But even with such a great regular season, the playoffs will always be a different environment.

During the playoffs, we saw both teams (Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors) overcome a variety of hurdles in order to reach the finals. While the Cavs showcased a more dominating display for the East, we saw an incredible titan matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the OKC Thunder in the West. With the series stretching to game seven, fans and sports critics alike were on their feet to see whether or not Golden State can pull through. While there was some pushback, the former NBA Champions were able to redeem themselves with a relatively easy win against OKC in game seven.

Now, you would expect to see the same heavyweight matchup that we did in the finals like we saw with the Warriors and OKC or with Miami and the Toronto Raptors. But for this finals, we have seen an unorthodox style of play where games have been utter blowouts and MVPs are nowhere to be seen. Without any discussion, you would have thought that Steph Curry and LeBron James would have been going head to head throughout the entire finals. But, like anything with the game of basketball, the story will always change. Here, we are not seeing the titled names. Instead, we are seeing two teams play their hearts out. Yes, the blowouts from the first three games were surprising. In fact, I don’t think I have ever witnessed such gaps within a finals game. But with the game more focused on the team than the players, I am excited to see the overall outcome.

So whether tonight’s the night where we crown a winner or a night of hope for the Cleveland Cavaliers, all I can say is, let’s see a good game.