One of the most wonderful things about Boca Raton, Florida are the small hole in the wall restaurants and boutiques that seems to be constantly overshadowed by our neighbors of the south. As much as the Boca community can complain about the lack of tourism and popularity that Miami gets, that is actually the one simple reason why I love living here. Here, we have everything. Whether it is a rock concert or a luxurious eatery, entertainment is everywhere.

Now, of all the places that you can venture to, I would highly recommend Tom Sawyer Restaurant and Pastry Shop for breakfast and brunch. Despite being a small, hole in the wall spot, do not let your eyes deceive you. Not only is this place incredibly family friendly, but also it can get extremely busy. So if you are looking to take the family there for breakfast or are going there with a group of friends, make sure that you get there early.

As a North Carolina man, I can truly appreciate the interior aesthetics of the restaurant. Walking in, you feel like you were transported back into a small country town up North. While this can be a turnoff for some people, the rustic charm and pleasant vibe truly echoed throughout the entirety of this restaurant. For me, it is always a perfect reminder of home. But as much as I can talk about the interior design, I have to mention the food.

While I only had a brief moment to eat a late breakfast, I was completely overwhelmed the by their homemade fresh options. Every option offered a large portion with variety of flavor and an unbelievable intoxicating aroma. If you do go there, I highly recommend the French toast. There inventive variations of the simple breakfast meal made me ask for more. In addition, I would highly advise you to try the biscuits and gravy. They are absolutely delightful.

As for the waiting staff, they were extremely polite and incredibly accommodating. In addition, they were very fast at taking my order and delivering my food to my table. I guess it goes without say that a place as popular as this would definitely have quick and attentive staff. But it is always worthy to note.

So if you are looking for a great place to take the family, check out Tom Sawyer Restaurant. Located in the heart of Boca, at 1759 NW 2nd Avenue (Boca Raton Blvd). I know I will be frequenting this establishment more often. Hopefully I will see you there.