In a city engulfed within the refined taste of elegance and prestige, Miami holds a number of exotic restaurants that can liven up anyone’s night. But hidden north of Aventura, away from the tourist traps of South Beach, is Hallandale’s true gem and local fan favorite, Yard House.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of dining at this gastropub, I highly recommend that you check it out. Now like most gastropub, Yard House does not provide the same glitz and Miami-glamour that you would usually see walking into a restaurant or a bar in Mary Brickell Village. But what it lacks in the Miami style, it does make up for it in two big things: 1. Location and 2. Character.

To start, Yard House is located at the infamous Gulfstream Park, a racetrack and country-approved casino. With numerous attractions and various hotspots, Gulfstream Park has continuously grown as a strong attraction for tourist and locals alike. But what really makes the location that much better is the on-going development within the area. Just last year, Gulfstream Park was able to open a new bowling alley and various boutique shops that continue to attract more and more visitors. With Yard House being at the heart of Gulfstream Park, this restaurant makes it the perfect location for happy hour goers and families to enjoy the night with a variety of options.

Now beyond the location, one of the best things about Yard House is the overall character it personifies the minute you are seated at your table. I know I talked earlier about the restaurant lacking the Miami style, but that is exactly what makes it so great. Yes, the white marble and modern chic lighting can be great for dinner dates or clients, but if you are looking for a place with a more tranquil vibe and atmosphere, then Yard House is perfect for you.



Immediately stepping in the restaurant, I felt like I was at home. Their stylistic modern design of a themed brewery restaurant truly represents and epitomizes the definition of a gastropub. In addition, their longstanding tables and comfortable booths make Yard House an excellent option for big parties. Going there with a party of five, we were happily accommodated by an incredible waiting staff that was able to attend to all of our needs. Even with a fully booked room, they service and waiters were very fast and pleasant in bringing out our food.

As for the food and drinks, you cannot find a more perfect place to enjoy with your friends and family. The food itself is a bit on the upscale for bar food, but to have that as an option was delicious nonetheless. If you have a chance, I would highly suggest you go during their happy hour times. Out of their selection, I definitely recommend their pizza option. One bite and you’ll be asking for more! As for the rest of the meal, I couldn’t be more satisfied. From the burgers to the calamari, my guest and I left extremely content.

So if you are looking for a place where you can relax and enjoy the night with your friends and family, be sure to check out Yard House.